Campus Rep

Want the best job on campus? Be a part
of our empowering Campus Rep
program. Start here, start now, it all
starts with U!

What Makes Our

Campus Reps So Elite?

Build Your Resume

Campus Reps work directly with the Business Development Managers at one of the fastest growing tech companies in the US. Work one-on-one with your manager to create a path that will push you to grow personally and professionally while making $$ and earning college internship credit!

You’ll learn how to prospect leads, crush sales meetings, and close business using Sales Tools that will make you stand out from your peers.


Join the exclusive Greek House University community of professional badasses across the globe as U create and thrive in all the creative opportunities that push U to be the best version of yourself! Lift as U climb and create a better tomorrow, today with the best there is.

Grow As U Go

GHU is the first step of the rest of your life. Start at GHU and you`ll find Urself working for companies like Tiktok, Vans, HBO, Salesforce — or even Greek House! The ceiling is already broken and now the only way to go is Up! The only way to go is Greek House U.

What Do Campus Reps Do?

Represent Our Vision

Carry The Greek House Vision & Values with you throughout your campus life, and radiate confidence through it all.

Take the First Step

Arrange & Conduct Sales Meetings with decision makers and watch your campus apparel come to life!

Network with Student Orgs on Campus

Arrange & Conduct Sales Meetings with decision makers and watch your campus apparel come to life!

Develop & Grow

Get true sales development through a 1 on 1 mentorship program while being a member of GHU. You won’t believe your growth at the end of this program - personally and professionally!

Earn Money While Having Fun!

Being a campus rep is a remarkable opportunity and a big responsibility, but also a great way to make new friends and have fun while doing it. Every order you close, you get 5-10% commission on. Not to Mention - Uncapped earning & Monthly Bonuses! And did we mention Free Merch and Exclusive Discounts for U?!

Who Do We Want in Our House?

Front Runners

Leading the pack is normal for you. Your confidence is out of this world, and you are so respectable for the things you try before anyone else.


You influence your friends, your family, and everyone you surround yourself with. You start trends and people follow.

Ambitious Go-Getters

You don’t have a comfort zone. You find yourself constantly pushing yourself into new opportunities for growth, and being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Social Butterflies

It’s not what you know - it is who you know. You are well connected throughout your community, and some would call you Mr./Ms. Popular.


You initiate change, plans, and appreciate starting something new and not being afraid to fail.


You are a great ally to your friends on campus, businesses in your community, the Greek House team, and everything that you are passionate about that aligns with your and the company's values. Everyone sees a friend in you.

Ready to be a
Campus Rep?